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Our story​​... 
Hi I'm Laura Kram and

these are my parents, Cynthia

and Gary Dickerman. Our story is a 45

year old family tale.  I will try

to condense our passion so you can share our adventure.  

In 1976 my Dad opened The Source,  a natural food and cheese shop on Market St in Corning, NY.  His produce department became popular among local chefs which led him to close the retail store and open Dickerman Distributing,  a wholesale produce business. He provided the best service, quality and price to local restaurants within a good 100 mile radius.  

In 1996 my Mom decided to leave the corporate world and opened The House of Figment, a customized gift basket business.  The original plan was to service the corporate world, however customers soon started asking for personal baskets as well.  In 2004 a small local candle making business approached her about buying  their business.  After a couple training sessions  we were in the candle making business.
That same year I was in middle school and I learned how to make soap.  I performed my own market reseach on my soaps with teachers and friends and found they liked mine better than what my Mom was buying so I approached her about buying my soaps for her baskets. She jokingly replied with 'make them look as nice and I will'.   So I did and she did.  Thus the birth of Laura's Luxuries , now a full line of bath and body products. 

That same year my Mom took a leap of faith and opened a retail store on Historic Market St. in Corning, NY changing the name to Beyond Baskets.  That same street my Dad had The Source on 28 years earlier.  During this transition my Dad thought he was retiring after selling his business but instead he is now our Chocolatier:  yes, we make our own chocolate.  I went on to college and then spent a year in Orlando and another in Chicago.  

In 2012 I returned home and opened the cafe and juice bar inside Beyond Baskets.  In that past three years both businesses have grown to a point that we a bursting at the seams.   A double store front became available directly across the street so we thought we should take advantage of the opportunity and move.  It was originally the Hawks Crystal Factory No 2. We stepped back took a thorough look at our business and decided we needed to focus and bring everything under one name.  So, we just finished establishing The Source at Factory No 2 and are getting ready to move.  What better name to use than what Dad started with.


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